Grenada Business and Agriculture Revitalization Project (GBAR)

Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

2004-2005, SEGIR GBTI

After Hurricane Ivan devastated Grenada in 2004, CARANA implemented a one-year business and agriculture recovery program that was staffed and operational in the first week of the contract. The hurricane had damaged over 80% of the island's buildings and destroyed most of the key traditional cash crops, including much of Grenada's renowned nutmeg industry. The tourism sector was almost entirely shut down.

The project focused on:

  • Hospitality and construction skills training
  • Technical assistance and grants to small and medium Grenadan businesses
  • Increased production of local and traditional cash crops
  • Revitalization of the fisheries industry

In 10 months, CARANA established a grant system that dispersed more than $4.5 million (at a rate of 40 grant applications per month) to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), farmers, members of the fishing industry, and training institutions, while also conducting training for 2700 people, facilitating microfinance for 572 firms, and establishing a business services center.