Costa Rica Export and Investment Promotion Program

Client: United States Agency for International Development

CARANA was heavily involved in building and strengthening CINDE, a private development foundation in Costa Rica. We successfully structured and managed the investment promotion program within CINDE. With our assistance, CINDE developed a targeted promotion strategy, established promotional offices overseas in key markets, initiated an aggressive sales program that called on individual companies in these key markets and in targeted economic sectors, and instituted a rigorous management control system to track and measure results. During this period, CINDE also became involved in efforts to improve the overall policy environment, which led to many improvements in the competitiveness of Costa Rica as an "off-shore" production site.

Finally, CARANA participated in the design of CINDE's export promotion effort targeted at small and medium-sized locally owned companies, designed in the wake of very successful foreign investment promotion efforts. This was one of the first export programs focused on the production constraints faced by potential exporters, rather than just providing marketing services. The approach stressed in this project, now commonly referred to as "Enterprise Specific Assistance," has been favorably reviewed by independent studies carried out by USAID, the World Bank, and others.