Export Development and Investment Promotion in Bolivia (BOLINVEST)

Client: United States Agency for International Development

1989-1996, T&M

CARANA successfully managed a multi-year project to expand and diversify Bolivia's non-traditional exports, with an emphasis on manufactured and natural resource-based products. The project provided technical assistance and training directly to small, medium, and large firms and rural producer associations committed to export development. Our assistance focused on improving production (e.g., quality control, increased production volumes, managerial skills, timeliness, and performance) at the company level and providing support in the areas of marketing, information technology, export finance, and legal and policy reform.

In the third year of the project, CARANA assumed full responsibility for promoting foreign investment in non-traditional export industries, with a focus on attracting investment from Bolivia's neighboring countries. The CARANA team carried out market assessments for such diverse products as natural dyes and colorants, mahogany furniture, non-metallic minerals, leather products, and fresh and smoked trout.

A major part of the overall effort in the last year was the creation of a local institution, Fundación BOLINVEST, to carry out export and investment promotion activities as a private, non-profit foundation. Upon project completion, CARANA left behind a team of Bolivian nationals and an organization (Fundación BOLINVEST) capable of providing technical assistance, training, market information, and investment promotion support without the need for outside resources. The project was credited with promoting more than $100 million in exports, $50 million in direct foreign investment, and the creation of about 10,000 permanent jobs.