Guyana Trade and Investment (GTIS) I & II

Client: United States Agency for International Development

SEGIR GBTI II 2004-2012

GTIS II was a four-year, $7.3 million program designed to maximize Guyana’s competitive advantages and increase non-traditional, value-added exports in four primary sub-sectors: Wood Products, Aquaculture, Agribusiness, and Tourism. The project implemented a market-led approach to strengthen targeted sub-sectors and worked with foreign investors, strategic buyers, and anchor firms in Guyana to invest in new capacity, technology, and standards.

The GTIS project’s market-led approach became the preeminent development model for Guyana. With the exception of forestry, the GTIS project built new promising sectors with the capability of diversifying Guyana’s economy from the bottom up. The direct results of GTIS work included $2.8 million in new investments, $9.78 million in additional sales, and more than 170 new or enhanced jobs, based on environmentally sound value chain development strategies. GTIS placed particular emphasis on leveraging additional funding from the donor community and leveraged a total of $1.85 million in donor contributions. In the ecotourism subsector where advertising is of vital importance to promote a new destination, GTIS leveraged over $6.5 million in articles, advertisements, and television shows on the country’s heretofore little known attractions.

These results are best seen on the ground where skepticism and pessimism have been replaced with vision and progress, where leading rice farmers in the country have promoted and invested in aquaculture, ecotourism lodges are booked two to three years in advance, multinational forestry companies have made substantial investments in Guyana, and Israeli agriculture experts have introduced cutting-edge farm management techniques.

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