Egypt Privatization Coordinating and Monitoring Services

Client: United States Agency for International Development

1999-2002, T&M


CARANA supported the Government of Egypt in its effort to accelerate the privatization program in the country. We set up a Privatization Coordination Support Unit (PCSU) to manage this project and coordinate privatization activities of seven ministries, the principal players being the Ministry of Economy and External Trade and the Ministry of Public Enterprise. Project activities included:

  • The PCSU published a Privatization Quarterly Review, distributed to over 500 people worldwide. This publication has proven particularly valuable to security analysts as a primary source of enterprise information, to USAID as a means of tracking privatization progress, to investors as a means of identifying investment targets, and to government officials as a single point of reference on privatization.
  • The PCSU also conducted a series of privatization-related special studies, sector studies, and case studies. Sector studies focused on such industries as insurance, tourism and hospitality, petroleum, and electricity. Case studies examined post-privatization results of the largest supplier of contracting services to the energy sector, the textile industry restructuring program, and a general contractor.
  • Monitoring activities included keeping track of privatization activities supported by a USAID-sponsored Cash Transfer system, which established benchmarks for privatization and private-sector development accompanied by cash transfers. In addition, PCSU distributed a weekly privatization update, which included a compilation of newspaper articles about privatization from more than 25 local and national newspapers.
  • PCSU prepared a needs assessment of key ministries, designed a training plan based on these needs, and developed training specifications for soliciting bids and facilitating training sessions.

PCSU also developed privatization databases for the Ministry of Public Enterprises, which resulted in a comprehensive decision support system for the Ministry. In addition, PSCU designed a privatization website linked to the database and assisted in the design of the local area network.