Certification for International Professional Accountants (CIPA) Regional Accounting and Tax Activity


Client: United States Agency for International Development

2002-2004, SEGIR GBTI

This USAID project tested the readiness of the accounting profession in Russia and Bulgaria for this new international certification. CARANA worked through national professional associations in both countries to prepare training materials and educate trainers so they could prepare accountants and auditors for a series of seven examinations in financial and managerial accounting, financial analysis, tax and law, and information technology. Our work helped ensure integrity in the testing and certification process and build trust in certification and qualification of accountants.

CARANA developed a cadre of Russian speaking accounting professionals in the Freedom Support Act region who have earned the designation “Certified International Professional Accountant” based on a region-wide educational, testing, and certification program that incorporates world class accounting standards. In Bulgaria, we trained 30 accountants, mostly from businesses, in management accounting. We promoted professional testing and certification of accounting professionals in Russian-speaking countries that are founded on internationally recognized principles.