Sub-Saharan Africa

Rwanda: Post-Harvest Handling and Storage Project (PHHS)


Client: United States Agency for International Development

2009-2013, SEGIR GBTI II


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This project capitalized on increased Rwandan food crop productivity to boost food security by linking smallholder staple crop surpluses to markets through improved post-harvest conditioning, grading, sorting, packaging, and storage.

Investment in post-harvest facilities frees smallholders from the need to sell crops immediately when prices are low. At the same time, better quality crops for storage help producers selling surpluses to compete domestically and regionally. The project:

  • Mobilized private investment in storage infrastructure
  • Improved farmers' crop management, in partnership with agribusiness firms and processors
  • Linked farmers to markets by connecting associations and cooperatives directly to processors and traders
  • Assisted associations and cooperatives in developing their own warehouse infrastructure, capturing more value at the farm

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