Sub-Saharan Africa

Strategic Options for REDSO's Regional Agricultural Trade Development Program

Client: United States Agency for International Development

CARANA conducted an assessment on the key constraints to regional trade development for the Regional Economic Development Services Office for East and Southern Africa (REDSO/ESA), the largest USAID field operation in Sub-Saharan Africa. CARANA consultants reviewed past and current trade harmonization activities of USAID and other donor organizations working in the region. The findings were presented in a synthesis report highlighting best practices and lessons learned in trade development within the ESA region. CARANA facilitated a series of meetings with stakeholders regarding future programs in trade development. The main project output was to present strategic options for a new trade development program with objectives reaching over the next three to five years. The focus of the new program is on policy and institutional frameworks for trade, the ability of the private sector to adjust to the changing policy environment, and regional capacity to provide trade support services such as standards control, information exchange, market information, dispute resolution, and trade finance.