Business Environments for Agile Markets (BEAM)


Client: United States Agency for International Development

2011-2013, GBTI II

Business Environments for Agile Markets (BEAM) offers USAID missions and their local partners a broad range of services in economic growth programming, such as needs assessments, training, monitoring and evalution, identifying public-private partnerships, and rapid-response support.

Specialties include:

  • Trade capacity building
  • Customs reform
  • Value chain optimization
  • Export diversification and competitiveness
  • Private-sector approaches to health, environment, and food security challenges
  • Business-enabling environment
  • Transport and logistics
  • Services trade and investment
  • Public-private partnerships

Managed by CARANA and its consortium partners, BEAM opens access to a wealth of economic growth expertise and uses a variety of ready-made and custom-built analytic tools to help missions achieve their goals, including BIZCLIR, TCBaseline, and CARANA's own Transport and Logistics Cost Assessment Tool. 

As a time-and-materials tax order with fixed daily rates under the GBTI II IQC, BEAM can quickly deploy experts for short-term assignments—it requires no further competition. BEAM has core funding and can also share programming costs with missions.

Latest BEAM news:

CARANA selected to strengthen USAID’s reach and effectiveness through BEAM