Trade Enhancement for the Services Sector (TESS)

Client: United States Agency for International Development

2000-2005, SEGIR Priv.

CARANA delivered professional services in support of trade development in the services sector. Our engagements were in support of the programs and strategies of 15 of USAID’s regional and bilateral missions and USAID Washington. We worked in a variety of targeted sectors including transport and logistics, financial services, professional services (accounting and audit), information and communications technologies, and tourism.

Examples of our work include conducting a comprehensive survey of common transport and logistics constraints within developing countries and creating a diagnostic tool for national assessments. Zeroing in on four very different countries—Bulgaria, Indonesia, Mali, and Nicaragua—we analyzed the impact of transport and logistics systems on their trade competitiveness and suggested ways to fix delays and excess costs in the movement of traded goods. Our work laid the foundation for lasting change. In Bulgaria, for example, we created the country’s first supply chain management certification program, which allows practitioners to develop solutions for their companies, and this program is still offered at the American University of Bulgaria.

TESS also delivered lasting and transformational change to the telecommunications sector in Barbados, where we facilitated the introduction of new entrants into a previously monopolized telecommunications market. On completion of our work, Barbados saw sharp reductions in service pricing and a broad expansion in technology options for businesses and consumers. Lastly, we were instrumental in redefining the nature and scale of financial flows in West Africa by delivering an analysis of finance in the region’s informal trade sector.