Latin America and Caribbean

Promote, Renew, Invigorate, Develop, and Energize the Economic Environment of Jamaica (PRIDE)


Client: United States Agency for International Development


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PRIDE is building a better policy framework and reducing administrative barriers to a healthy business environment in Jamaica; the program's efforts include implementing more efficient tax collection, streamlining customs procedures, and enabling wider access to microfinance. The project developed a modernization plan for Jamaica's tax collection office—now being implemented—and set the stage for mobile banking in the country. The project also funds efforts through a local NGO to train and mentor several hundred at-risk youth. To respond to high levels of antisocial behavior, violence and crime, CARANA, in partnership with the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, gave a grant to build technical and social skills, increase employability and provide jobs, entrepreneurships, life choices, and “U-Turn” opportunities for 2,200 youths ages 16 to 29 in eight high-risk inner city communities.


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