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Paraguay Productivo (PyP)

Client: United States Agency for International Development


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Paraguay is a country rich in natural resources, but over a third of its population lives in poverty, almost half of them in rural areas. USAID/Paraguay Productivo (PyP) encourages inclusive economic development in this sector, improving the quality of life of Paraguay's small producers through sustainable business opportunities.

A three-year project, PyP connects small producers with partner firms in the public and private sectors, helping the producers deliver better products from the field to the consumer and obtain a larger profit for these products.

This work is helping develop more micro and small enterprises, the source of 90% of all Paraguayan jobs, and is also helping to tackle the obstacles to stronger value chains in Paraguay's high-potential products, including organic sugar, fruit juice, and stevia.

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Below is a playlist of Paraguay Productivo's videos highlighting the project's work and accomplishments.

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