Latin America and Caribbean

Ecuador Productive Network

Client: The United States Agency for International Development

2007-2013, SEGIR CLIR 

The Productive Network project formed a central part of USAID’s strategy to tackle the root obstacles to trade and investment-led growth in Ecuador while seeking to identify, nurture, and promote progressive leadership across a wide spectrum of key stakeholders, including regional private sector leaders, civil society organizations, rural producers, and academic institutions.

Below is a playlist of Productive Network's videos highlighting the project's work and accomplishments.

The project also had a substantial impact in boosting incomes through demand-based training. CARANA designed and delivered demand-based training for artisans in palmetto straw hat production that ultimately doubled the incomes of the all-female workforce. We collaborated with exporters and designers on high-demand hat models and trained women to meet export quality standards. Training targeted both members of participating associations, located in areas with a large number of weavers, and a group of weavers as teachers who could replicate the training in remote communities.

In its first two years of implementation, the Productive Network project pursued its objectives through four interrelated components:

1) Council Formation, in which the Ecuadorean Committee for Regional and Economic Development (CEDET for its Spanish acronym) was formed to serve as a representative of regional interests in national fora

2) Policy Reform, where technical assistance was provided to improve Ecuador’s regulatory and programmatic adoption of international best practices in areas like finance and investment attraction

3) Support to the Productive Sector, which improved the ability of Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) to participate in competitive markets, created jobs, and contributed to family incomes, directly reducing poverty

4) Communications, which coalesced networks of individuals and groups in support of specific practices and activities and disseminated information to regional and national audiences on Productive Network Project and partner activities

The Productive Network project focused on the following key areas in its final year of operation:

  • Public-Private Partnership, which supported capacity building, improved representation, developed policy positions, created new regional agencies, and delivered technical assistance and grants to CEDET and its member Regional Economic Development Agencies (ADETs for their Spanish acronym) to improve their institutional and financial sustainability
  • Investment Attraction, which built the institutional capacities of three investment promotion agencies created by the project, hosted supporting conferences, and developed relevant tools and materials and other coaching activities to attract $20 million in new investments
  • Productive Initiatives, where targeted technical assistance activities had a high impact on private sector development and supported further development of key sub-sectors


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