Latin America and Caribbean

Central America - Institutional Strengthening of FEDEPRICAP

Client: United States Agency for International Development

CARANA managed a project designed to strengthen the role of FEDEPRICAP, a regional private-sector umbrella organization, in promoting strategies for economic growth and development in Central America. The project focused on devising mechanisms that would lead to more efficient transportation systems, greater development and integration of capital markets, and increased trade promotion at the regional level, emphasizing private sector–led export growth. Major accomplishments include:

  • The development and strengthening of local securities exchanges
  • The formulation of a regional private sector–led development strategy
  • FEDEPRICAP designated sole private sector representative in PAECA
  • A negotiated freeze of maritime shipping rates resulting in savings of millions of dollars for users
  • An information systems plan for FEDEPRICAP that included development of administrative facilities and automation of information products for sale to third parties