Europe and Eurasia

Russia Local Privatization Centers, Financial Management Assistance, Business Toolkit

Client: United States Agency for International Development


CARANA established and operated six local privatization centers in Central Siberia and Northwest Russia (Krasnoyarsk, Kyzyl, Abakan, Tver, Novgorod, and Pskov). These centers were set up to channel technical assistance services to newly privatized enterprises in the region, including strategic restructuring, financial management, and marketing support. We hired and trained personnel, set up administrative systems, provided support in enterprise restructuring, conducted pilot market research activities, and rolled out a successful financial management assistance project. In the final phase of this project, CARANA conducted a year-long program developing business, management, and financial tools for recently privatized Russian companies.

CARANA developed a unique business skills transfer tool, consolidating training and technical assistance experience of enterprise restructuring and business assistance consultants into a CD-ROM
based interface aimed at fostering the small market for consulting services. This "tool kit" provided training modules and materials for financial, marketing, and organizational management. It was used for short-term training workshops that generated demand for further more intensive consulting services, as well as for on-the-job training for local consultants.

The materials were disseminated to over 3000 individuals, business associations, and companies through seminars, videos, and a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM was sold commercially in Moscow bookstores and business information stores. The BTK continues to be used and reproduced by enterprises, consultants, and managers, both Western and Russian. In fact, several private Russian consulting firms were formed using the BTK as their main toolkit. In addition, numerous USAID providers in Russia and other NIS countries rely on the BTK materials for training programs in business development, accounting reform, environment, and democracy, among others. Other donors also utilized the BTK, including TACIS, World Bank, and the British Know How Fund. Manuals on the financial management modules have also been privately printed and widely disseminated. Numerous Russian consulting organizations, training institutions, business support organizations, and publishing houses are involved in commercializing the dissemination of these materials. The BTK has been used in over 16 countries in the NIS and CEE.