Europe and Eurasia

Kazakhstan Privatization Projects

Client: United States Agency for International Development

1993-1996, CPFF and T&M

CARANA designed and implemented a series of assignments aimed at demonopolizing and restructuring distribution systems and enhancing competitiveness in the private sector. The project was conducted in five phases, with a rolling design, and implementation through individual task orders. In the first phase, CARANA conducted a pilot project for demonopolization and privatization of the wholesale, transportation, and distribution sectors in four regions of Kazakhstan. The pilot project led to the roll-out of the privatization program at the national level. In the next phase, CARANA provided assistance with privatization of fruit and vegetable warehouses in 17 Kazakhstani oblasts. We also performed segmentation of trucking amalgamations with separate corporatization of all operating divisions. Subsequently, CARANA initiated corporatization processes and organized small-scale auctions selling over 12,000 objects. Throughout the project, we worked to eliminate policy, regulatory, and informational obstacles to business growth and competitiveness. The CARANA team provided direct assistance to newly privatized and emerging private firms to improve their prospects of competing in the global economy. This assistance involved access to financing, marketing analysis, preparation of business plans, and restructuring support.