Europe and Eurasia

Tajikistan Electricity Reform


Client: Asian Development Bank

CARANA gave technical assistance to Barki Tajik to develop a computerized billing and collection system to improve consumer management, implement the improved system on a pilot basis, and prepare recommendations for replicating the system in all of Barki Tajik’s subsidiaries. To achieve these goals the project set out to:

  • Review organizational setup and current practices for billing and collection for power supply to customers at all voltage levels.
  • Analyze the processes for reading meters, preparing bills, and collecting payments.
  • Recommend ways to reduce the practice of barter payments.
  • Review present consumer accounting systems, operating manuals, and equipment hardware and software.
  • Consider alternative penalty schemes for delinquent payers and incentives for current accounts.
  • Consider ability to undertake aging of accounts receivable and apply proper credit management.
  • Train consumer services personnel in use of recommended billing and collection system.