Europe and Eurasia

Regional Economic Policy & Investment Strategy (REPAIS)

Client: United States Agency for International Development


Under the Regional Investment Initiative, CARANA managed an investment promotion effort in two regions of Russia: Khabarovsk, in the Russian Far East, and Samara, in the middle Volga region. We developed a proactive investment promotion program to make the economic, legal/regulatory, and administrative environment more attractive to domestic and foreign investors. CARANA successfully developed Foreign Investor Advisory Councils to work with local governments and regional investment promotion agencies, prepare road maps of the licensing and permitting process, and conduct sector studies of potential business areas.

The CARANA team worked with local business associations to strengthen their capacities and strategies for dealing constructively with local government in creating a favorable business environment. We provided institution-building services to four professional associations, including creation of membership handbooks, training in advocacy techniques, and study tours to the United States in order to develop linkages between Russian association leaders and their American counterparts.