Europe and Eurasia

Ukraine Agribusiness Development Project

Client: The World Bank

CARANA conducted a review of the investment climate in five key Ukrainian agribusiness sub-sectors. The project comprised two phases:

  1. A survey of 50 privatized and partially privatized enterprises to evaluate ownership status, corporate governance, and their impact on financial performance
  2. Development of detailed case studies of 10 firms

The survey and case studies formed the basis for assessing the attractiveness of the privatized agribusiness sector to domestic and foreign investment.

Program recommendations were developed addressing the following issues:

  • How to stimulate the introduction of effective new ownership and management
  • How to introduce improved management practices
  • How to introduce improved, mutually beneficial supplier/processor relationships

Recommendations included the development of a Post-Privatization Agribusiness Fund, the development of an Agribusiness Toolkit, as well as a variety of policy initiatives.