Asia and Near East

Indonesia CLEAN Energy, Regulatory and Restructuring Advisory Services

Client: United States Agency for International Development

1997-2000, T&M

In partnership with Hagler Bailly Inc., CARANA provided regulatory and restructuring advisory services to assist the Republic of Indonesia in developing a sustainable power sector and achieving sustainable economic growth in an environmentally responsible manner. Operating in a highly unstable political environment, CARANA and Hagler Bailly consultants provided assistance to the Directory General of Electricity and Energy Development (DGEED) in developing a restructuring strategy. We reviewed the Drafts of Tariffs, Codes, and Licensees suggested by the DGEED Directorate of Regulation and assisted the DGEED in its function as regulator to approve the modified electricity tariffs. The project also helped prepare a draft electricity law and installed 14 computers and associated peripherals for DGEED, the Restructuring Secretariat, and the Ministry of Mines and Energy.