CARANA has applied its market-driven philosophy to agricultural industries all over the world, improving productivity, processing, and delivery systems―both for local consumption and exports. The majority our current projects are either fully or partly focused on agribusiness development. We believe in treating agriculture as a business and farmers as businesspeople―no matter how poor they are―knowing that better prices for farmers underlies improved incomes, economic growth, and food security. We have experience in multiple value chains, product areas, and markets and have been particularly successful at moving up-market with higher value products. We also collaborate with a wide range of international agribusiness, food, and consumer product companies and retailers.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Value chains or “farm to fork” services
    Including fruits and vegetables (greenhouse and open field), cereals, sugar, livestock, coffee, cocoa, nuts, pulses, oils, fish, integrated aquaculture, food additives, and specialty/organic foods
  • Quality improvement at the source
    Research, extension services, certifications, and sanitary-phytosanitary systems
  • Buyer-seller relationships
    Including Sysco, Costco, Cargill, Olam, Rock Garden, and Talier Trading Company

Representative projects: