To generate large numbers of jobs, growth, and investment, CARANA uses a customized market-led approach to promote a country or region’s leading sectors—or industries with the most potential for sustainable growth—and ensure the ensuing benefits reach even the most basic supplier.

We work on both sides of the aisle, connecting viable producers and entrepreneurs with international companies through cost-shared trade shows, buyer visits, business to business linkages, and other tactics. We tailor our assistance to those entrepreneurs to meet buyers’ or investors’ demands and guarantee a market. Throughout the process, we act as an honest broker and a bridge across language, cultural, and other barriers to doing business in emerging economies. 

Our approach has helped take dozens of enterprises to a total of 30 international trade shows per year, generating exports and investments in such  sectors as fresh produce, specialty foods, textiles and apparel, wood products, giftware and home accessories, information and communication technologies, tourism, and automotive and machine tools. We have a wide network of buyers and companies looking to invest in new sources of supply. Companies like Costco, Intel, the Body Shop, Whole Foods, Hallmark, World Market, and Tabasco have collaborated with CARANA to fortify SME supply chains in developing countries.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Market linkages
  • Buyer-seller relationships
  • Export development
  • Investment promotion
  • Association building
  • Public-private partnerships
  • SME strengthening

Representative projects: