Higher Education, Workforce Development, and Youth

CARANA has helped emerging economies bridge the gaps between the supply of skilled labor and the demands of increasingly knowledge‐based economies. CARANA has extensive experience designing and implementing innovative, sustainable higher education and workforce development initiatives. By forging alliances between business and educational institutions, we carve multiple pathways to employment including formal, informal, virtual, experiential and life-long learning, while encouraging public‐private investment in education better suited to emerging economic realities.

Our projects ensure marginalized groups—like at-risk youth—have equitable access to education and to structured training programs that lead to employment and integration into the formal economy. We develop curricula and certifications to make our programs replicable and scalable, building the capacity of local partners to continue the work and impact long after a project has ended. Our initiatives transform existing systems to help youth and adults, students and workers acquire skills that bolster their long-term employability.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Higher education reform
  • Workforce development
  • Strengthening educational ecosystems
  • Demand-based skills gaps needs assessments
  • Training and employment for at-risk youth
  • Seeding and managing partnerships
  • Program and curricular design for relevance
  • Local capacity building
  • Increasing access to education
  • Addressing gender barriers to education and training

Representative projects: