Adequate and efficient energy generation and access are fundamental to economic growth, business competitiveness, and livelihoods. CARANA delivers solutions in the energy sector to power the future—leading to investment and operating environments that create jobs and drive economic development. Our approach considers both the regulatory reforms and capacity building needed to create competitive energy sectors conducive to investment and ensure broad access to energy services. CARANA assesses the specific transaction, privatization, and energy enterprise support that is needed to develop or upgrade energy generation and transmission assets in emerging economies. We are a global leader in investment facilitation across industries, with experience diagnosing constraints to energy sector investment and prescribing solutions.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Sector de-monopolization and market competition
  • Regulatory and policy reform training, restructuring, and financial management for generation and distribution companies
  • Enterprise and sector restructuring
  • Investment facilitation and privatization
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Public-private partnerships

Representative Projects: