Middle East and North Africa

Palestinian Agribusiness Partnership Activity (PAPA)

Client: United States Agency for International Development

2005-2009, SEGIR Priv II

Through $6.1 million in cost-sharing grants, this project enabled seven agribusiness firms in the West Bank to expand and enhance operations to meet export standards and opened markets for about 650 small famers and producers of herbs, vegetables, and olive oil.  By boosting quality and volume, the improvements created over 2,000 new full-time equivalent jobs in the West Bank and generated approximately $14 million of new sales revenue annually (mostly through exports to Israel and international markets).

In addition to capital, PAPA delivered logistical and marketing support as well as targeted technical assistance. The project was in close contact with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) at the District Coordinating Offices (DCOs) and border checkpoints, including the Allenby Crossing into Jordan. PAPA liaised between Palestinian businesses and the IDF, coordinating shipping schedules, obtaining permits, and arranging planning meetings between the Palestinian firms and the IDF. 

To connect these firms with outside markets, PAPA introduced them to export/import companies such as Arava Export Growers Ltd. in Israel and RockGarden Herb Import Company in the US. The project also helped Palestinian companies obtain certifications and registrations necessary to sell in foreign markets. For example, PAPA covered the cost of GlobalGap training and certification, a requirement of high-value buyers in Europe, for greenhouse and packinghouse owner/operators. PAPA worked with the US ConGen in Jerusalem, USAID in Tel Aviv, RockGarden, and directly with the USDA so that one of the firms, Khaizaran Herb Farm, could ship directly to the US—a first for Palestinian fresh produce.

* Palestinian Growers Boost Production of Premium Olive Oil

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