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Guyana billed as adventure, eco-tourism heaven


Guyana featured in Wanderlust magazineGuyana featured in Wanderlust magazine

Familiarization or "fam" trips sponsored by USAID's Guyana Trade and Investment Support project, managed by CARANA,  yielded substantial magazine coverage in spring 2009. For the past two years, GTIS has identified and invited traditional and online journalists, as well as tour operators, to Guyana for treks through the country's natural beauty. Write-ups and multi-page spreads have since popped up in magazines like Outside, Wanderlust of the U.K. and Americas, the periodical of the Organization of American States.

GTIS is promoting eco and adventure tourism to create jobs and investment while protecting the environment. In early 2009, Guyana's birdwatching and fishing attractions were broadcast on Fox Sports, after producers from Birding Adventures and Reel Adventures toured Guyana on a GTIS-organized fam trip.

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Published April 2009