Europe and Eurasia

Development of Private Agriculture and Agro-Industry in Moldova

Client: East-West Management Institute

In Moldova, CARANA identified impediments to private business development in the agriculture and agro-industrial sectors. The CARANA team took a two-pronged approach and examined obstacles from the point of view of producers and small-scale rural entrepreneurs and the perspective of larger investors, both foreign and domestic. The objective was to highlight constraints to the development of private agriculture and agribusiness and to present recommendations that could form the basis for strategic and sectoral action plans for both the Government of Moldova and the donor community. CARANA conducted a study that included the following components:

  1. A review of the existing published analyses and reports on Moldova
  2. A survey of Moldovan private farmers and rural agribusinesses
  3. A series of interviews with foreign and domestic investors
  4. A review of the main legislative base

This study constituted a first step toward assisting Moldovan decision-makers and donor agencies in the process of changing attitudes and creating a fully conducive environment for investment in the agriculture/agribusiness sector.