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CARANA Corporation founder confirmed Deputy Director of the Peace Corps

On December 18, 2015, the Senate confirmed CARANA Corporation founder Carlos J. Torres to be the next Deputy Director of the Peace Corps. Mr. Torres, nominated by President Obama in August 2014, served as the Associate Director for Global Operations for the Peace Corps since 2013 after several years as its Regional Director for the Inter-America and Pacific Region. While striving to make a difference around the world, his emphasis on Volunteer support has been at the center of his leadership initiatives within the Peace Corps. CARANA Corporation, now as part of Palladium, is proud to continue improving livelihoods through innovative economic growth programs more than 30 years later, while applauding the positive impact of our founder’s work with the Peace Corps. 

His December 2, 2015 testimony is available to watch or download through the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations here.


Published December 2015.