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CARANA partners with GeoTraceability

CARANA has partnered with GeoTraceability, a UK-based global company, specializing in data collection and traceability systems adapted to small producers and small-holders in developing and emerging countries. GeoTraceability is rolling-out GIS mapping and data collection for the Alur Highland Coffee Alliance (AHCA) project in Uganda. This process involves mapping coffee farms with handheld GPS devices and collecting key farm and farmer data. Throughout the life of the project, mapped farmers will be able to provide historical data to determine project impact such as yield increases as a result of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and post-harvest trainings. As the market matures and diversifies over time, the traceability platform will be extended to support the activities of additional farmers and groups, whether working with Kawacom or other buyers. The GeoTraceability solution is low-cost, involving an investment of approximately $50 per hectare for initial mapping and data collection.

Published September 2014