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Macedonia on the Map: An Adventure Tourist’s Playground

With a largely preserved culture, a diverse and rugged landscape of mountains, lakes, and forests, and a fervent spirit, Macedonia may be just off the beaten path but it is quickly gaining traction as a destination not to be missed. In partnership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), CARANA is proud to announce Europe’s first AdventureWeek, a specialized familiarization journey showcasing the Western Balkans, and culminating in a three day tour of Macedonia. The journey marks the official launch of a precedent-setting cooperative strategy between Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia to raise awareness about the adventure tourism potential of the entire region. In August, over 25 industry-leading journalists and tour operators from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe will share in the region’s rich history, culture, and active offerings, creating immediate visibility and drawing like-minded travelers to the region. Under the umbrella of the USAID Macedonia Small Business Expansion Project, the AdventureWeek is part of a larger strategy to expand, improve, and promote Macedonia’s tourism sector and supply chain.

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Published June 2014