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CEO Tugendhat presents to Army War College on development best practices

On April 28, 2014, CARANA Chairman and CEO, Eduardo Tugendhat, presented an introduction to CARANA's work and approach to development, including an overview of the firm's history and projects around the world to over a dozen military officers. He highlighted key trends in development, including the influx of private capital into developing countries worldwide, explaining how CARANA seeks to harness that capital to multiply development results and reach two important groups—the jobless or underemployed, and the rural poor—that are often the source of unrest abroad. He covered the pitfalls of traditional development approaches (supply-side focus, lack of sustainability, insufficient scale), and how CARANA has avoided these problems while generating sustainable results, using a public-private partnership we helped set up in Peru, the Peru Cocoa Alliance, as an illustrative example. CARANA is pleased to partner with non-traditional groups including these military officers, to assist in cross-governmental thinking about development and economic growth-related issues.

Published April 2014