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CARANA forms two Global Development Alliance Partnerships in Uganda

CARANA is pleased to have been awarded two Global Development Alliance partnership agreements in Uganda. The first, the Alur Highlands Coffee Alliance (AHCA), is a partnership between USAID and Armajaro Trading Ltd (a global commodity trading house) that will increase the saleable yields and quality of Arabica coffee produced by 16,000 previously unreached farmers in the West Nile Region of Uganda—a region that suffers from moderate to serious food insecurity and high rates of malnutrition. Through improved access to international markets, technology, and finance, farmers will be able to increase both coffee yields and quality, which will dramatically improve their household incomes and food security. USAID’s contribution of financial and technical resources will buy down part of the risk of Armajaro expanding their supply chain into this remote region and will also create a platform for the community to become a major supplier of high-quality Arabica to international buyers more broadly. The Alliance, under CARANA’s implementation, will achieve sustainability through three core activities: (1) farmer training in agronomic practices, (2) establishment of a traceability system, and (3) access to finance for smallholders. Training in good agricultural practices will result in increased yield volumes and quality, while traceability will ensure that farmers’ coffee can achieve certification and, consequently, higher market premiums. By facilitating access to finance for farmers, the project will further ensure farmer stability and improved livelihoods. The project expects to double the incomes of the 16,000 linked farmers, increase their coffee yields by 30 to 40%, improve access to new credit and financial services for 8,000 farmers, and facilitate the certification of 30% of the linked farmers.

The Uganda Value-Added Maize Alliance, a partnership between USAID and AgroWays Ltd and implemented by CARANA, will integrate thousands of small-scale maize famers in the Busoga region into an emerging value-added market (namely, corn syrup and nutritious maize germs for the food and beverage industry), resulting in higher incomes and more stable livelihoods while enhancing local and regional food security. Through an innovative approach to stimulate economic growth from agriculture through sustainable and replicable private sector partnerships, the project will catalyze a virtuous cycle away from poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition. The Alliance will focus efforts on (1) expanding access for smallholder maize farmers in Busoga region to a new, higher-value market segment; (2) increasing saleable yield, value, and volume of smallholder-produced maize; and (3) developing highly nutritious maize germ (a by-product of corn syrup) food products for human consumption. The Alliance expects to increase the saleable maize yield by 25%, improve incomes for 9,500 farmers by as much as 30%, reduce post-harvest losses by more than 50%, and improve the food security and nutrition of smallholders in the Bugosa regions.

Published December 2013