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CARANA joins new project in Georgia

CARANA Corporation is pleased to announce a return to the Caucasus through a partnership with CNFA on the new USAID/Georgia Restoring Efficiency to Agriculture Production (REAP) Activity. The project will deliver firm-level investment and technical assistance to agribusiness enterprises that provide inputs, services, training, and cash markets to smallholders in order to catalyze investment in the rapid upgrading of Georgian agriculture; increase employment and incomes in rural areas of Georgia; and support improved agricultural productivity, marketing, and processing. REAP will expand the number, quality, competitiveness, and profitability of agribusinesses serving smallholder and emerging commercial farmers in Georgia through demand-driven technical assistance and grants to qualified enterprises.

As a co-implementer, CARANA will deliver technical assistance to at least 700 grantee and non-grantee enterprises (impacting at least 150,000 individuals, including 37,500 women) to sustainably develop and expand their businesses. REAP will promote sustainability by developing the capacity of existing service providers to implement similar demand-driven technical assistance to farmers and non-grant recipient agricultural SMEs to improve their management and operations. Services will facilitate improved linkages between input suppliers, farmers, value-adding enterprises, and end markets (both domestic and international). REAP will also deliver training on certification, quality standards, and modern agricultural practices to develop the skills of the Georgian workforce and will facilitate the transition of Government of Georgia–owned agricultural machinery to private sector management and/or ownership.

Published October 2013