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CARANA to host workshop on reducing time and cost of importing and exporting goods in Nigeria

On June 27 in Lagos, Nigeria, CARANA Corporation, in collaboration with the GIZ-SEDIN program, will host the LAKAJI (Lagos-Kano-Jibiya) Corridor Baseline Assessment Validation Workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to present and validate the findings of CARANA’s recently released Baseline Assessment Report, in which researchers interviewed over 100 private and public sector representatives to determine the time and cost of transporting goods along the LAKAJI corridor in Nigeria. The workshop will provide an opportunity for public and private stakeholders and members of the donor community to give feedback and advice on the report and will generate a collective set of Next Steps to improve transport corridor performance; these measures will stimulate more efficient trade to and from Nigeria and improve Nigeria’s level of food security.

Read the full press release here.

Map of the LAKAJI (Lagos-Kano-Jibiya) Transport Corridor in Nigeria.Map of the LAKAJI (Lagos-Kano-Jibiya) Transport Corridor in Nigeria.

Published June 2013