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Macedonian Consulting Association acquires international certification authority


The Macedonia Competitiveness Project (MCP) celebrated the success of its project partner, the Macedonian Consulting Association (MCA2000), when MCA 2000 became a full member of the International Council of Management Consultant Institutes (ICMCI) in June and acquired certification body authority.

Seven years of hard work went into achieving this success. During that time, MCA 2000 was a provisional member of the ICMCI, strengthening its structures and capacity as a professional organization. It also organized three certification cycles for Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) using the methodology and standards of the ICMCI, beginning in 2003. With mentoring from BAMCO (Bulgarian Management Consulting association) and supported by GTZ (German Donor, Bilateral program), 15 CMC certificates were awarded that first year.

The second cycle was mentored by the Croatian Association of Management Consultants and supported by EBRD-financed TAM/BAS program and the USAID Competitiveness Project. As a result, 30 Macedonian consultants were awarded CMC certificates in 2010. Building on this experience, MCA 2000 organized the third certification cycle independently, with 12 newly awarded CMC certificates. Smooth organization and successful processes implemented during these certification cycles led to assuming full ICMCI membership.

Reflecting on this success, MCA 2000’s President, Risto Ivanov, said, “With the CMC certification we brought world best practices in management consulting to Macedonia, and we built local competences and skills in an institutionalized manner. Now Macedonian companies have direct access to practical knowledge, and professional management skills that will make possible for them to change and successfully integrate in international supply chains and global markets.”

CMC certification in Macedonia not only denotes the highest quality consulting standards, but also adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. MCA 2000 currently has a membership of 54 Certified Management Consultants. Macedonia now ranks first in the region for CMC capacity, and is followed by Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia.

Published September 2011