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Rwanda's staple foods players exhibit at national ag show


Booth at Rwanda's National Agricultural ShowBooth at Rwanda's National Agricultural Show

Rwandan cooperatives and firms currently partnering with USAID's Post-Harvest Handling and Storage Project (PHHS) exhibited their grain processing services and equipment at the 6th Annual National Agricultural Show in June. The show, hosted by Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI), draws 8,000-10,000 visitors a day to view the country's latest offerings in staple food innovations.

PHHS sponsored the booths for the cooperatives, COAMV and UCORIBU, and two private companies, the maize mill Maiserie Mukamira and Metalwork Solutions, which produces shellers, threshers and winnowing machines. 

COAMV's Ubarijoro Alexandre said it was inspiring to be at the show because “it was an occasion to see how COAMV can progress in engineering, product and packaging transformation to allow its farmers more market penetration.” He noted that many of the attending farmers were women who wanted to know how

to bring their harvest to COAMV's quality standards, and several farmers expressed interest in joining their cooperative when they saw the displayed products.

Published August 2011