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Special effects and other market positioning in Macedonia


Macedonian special effects company Fx3x is a clear example of how market positioning can take firms to a new level, as explained in the most recent edition of Macedonia Competes, published by the USAID Macedonia Competitiveness Project (MCP, managed by CARANA). Read its complete story (page 4) and others by paging through:


In 1997, Fx3x launched basic visual effects and animation services for the local advertising market. In 2003, after hiring an industry consultant with USAID support, the firm set its sights on Hollywood. It restructured, leading to work in “The Aviator” and an Oscar for “The Golden Compass”—which in turn led to attention from George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic studio.

U.S. studios helped guide Fx3x through a series of changes, including advising management on structuring production, improving workflow, assuring quality and protecting the intellectual property rights of clients. Making those changes would require training, however, and in 2009-2010, the company tapped MCP’s revolving training fund to coach new artists for an expansion, focusing on cutting-edge software and technologies used in Fx3x’s more demanding projects.

Fx3x has big plans for the next five years: expand to as many as 350 employees, become one of the top 10-15 players in the industry, operate as a Tier 1 vendor (i.e. contracted directly with a studio, rather than as a subcontractor), and contribute to longer film sequences. They also plan to be one of the first in their field to move into 3-D stereo sequences.

Published February 2011