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ONE visits African Trade Hub beneficiaries


Edward Khoromana at Fancy Food Show 2006Edward Khoromana at Fancy Food Show 2006ONE visited Malawi and met with Edward Khoromana, Managing Director of Nali, a producer of chili sauces that received help at key junctures from USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub (SATH), then managed by CARANA. The Trade Hub took Nali to the Fancy Food Show in 2006 and 2007 to introduce Khoromana to buyers and U.S. market demands and helped it gain certification by the US Food and Drug Administration.

“Edward talked about Nali’s efforts to expand into European and American markets and credited USAID’s sales program and Southern Africa Trade Hub as critical to helping him navigate the FDA certification process for his new factory,” ONE said in its blog from the trip.

Earlier this year, ONE blogged about CARANA’s work with the USAID West Africa Trade Hub while visiting two women-owned businesses supported in Ghana. (See also this blog post.)

Co-founded by Bono of U2, ONE is an advocacy and campaigning organization that works on several fronts—including trade and investment—to fight poverty in Africa.

Published in November 2010