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July conference in Senegal brings together bankers, investors, exporters


USAID’s West Africa Trade Hub will host “Trade Finance 2009: Untapped Markets,” its second international conference on trade finance, in Dakar, Senegal, July 7-9.

The conference will provide incentives for commercial bankers to make trade finance services and products more available to non-traditional exporters. The Trade Hub is promoting innovative ways to use multi-lateral funding for development directly through private banks -- accompanied by the Hub’s in-depth technical assistance for bankers and exporters.

The conference will attract commercial bankers, representatives of non-banking financial institutions, multi-lateral institutions, and regulatory authorities, investors, buyers and, of course, exporters and traders from West and Central Africa. A B2Bi, “Businesses to Banks and Investors” forum following the conference will allow participants to engage directly on finance opportunities.

Read the Trade Hub's account of the conference and download presentations

Published June 2009