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CARANA Corporation and its partner, Nathan Associates, were recently awarded the Economic Modernization through Efficient Reforms and Governance Enhancement (EMERGE) Activity by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This three-year activity will contribute towards USAID/Philippines’Strategic Objective 2, “Investment Climate Less Constrained by Corruption and Poor Governance.”The purpose of the activity is to provide technical assistance to support economic policy reforms that will cause sustainable economic growth and enhance the competitiveness of the Philippine economy by augmenting the efforts of Philippine pro-liberalization partners and stakeholders.

The EMERGE Activity will address policy issues that continue to impede liberalization, and initiate measures to support continuing economic liberalization and influence policy to increase competition. The Activity will focus much of its technical assistance on policy formulation and implementation related to trade, investment, and fiscal reforms essential for accelerated and sustainable growth. It will do so through its own initiatives and by supporting the other project activities with similar objectives.

The EMERGE Activity seeks to improve the Philippine economic policy environment through changes in policy, regulation, industry and government practices, and industrial relations. Its activities will influence Philippine competitive structure in ways that increase economic efficiency, increase investment opportunities, improve inter and intra-sector efficiency, and business efficiency.

For over 20 years CARANA has been designing and implementing results-oriented strategies for post-privatization economies in the areas of Public Sector Reform, Private Sector Growth, and Human Capacity Development. Innovative global development solutions have been provided in over 50 countries throughout Latin America, the former Soviet Union, Eastern and Central Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. CARANA maintains a staff of 200 professionals worldwide, with corporate offices in Arlington, VA.

[Posted August 2004]