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In a first of its kind example of intra-Hub collaboration, CARANA managed Southern Africa Trade Hub and West Africa Trade Hub joined forces to secure a new market for MD2 pineapple and fresh mangos from Ghana and Senegal. Resulting sales to South Africa will be in the range of USD 1.1 and 1.4 million annually, thereby enabling a South African processor to preserve its share in an expanding multi-million dollar market for fresh cut fruits to Europe.

For the past several months, the Southern Africa Trade Hub has been working with a leading fresh cut fruit processor in South Africa to resolve a shortage of a certain pineapple variety and quality counterseasonal mangos needed to satisfy the specifications of a large UK retailer. To open new supply channels for these crops, the Southern Hub's competitiveness team began working with the West Africa Trade Hub to plan and support the client’s trade mission to Ghana and Senegal, which identified a number of highly competitive suppliers in each country, as well as pest experts and plant quarantine authorities.

Before the new trade links could be opened with South Africa, however, concerns of the South African National Department of Agriculture (NDA) about quarantine action pests and intellectual property rights (IPR) had to be addressed. In response to this need for information, the Southern Trade Hub first helped the client to analyze the pest risk based on a literature review, which narrowed down the list of pests for both crops and led to the proposal of risk mitigation strategies that were approved by the NDA. On the IPR front, similar Hub research revealed a number of weaknesses in claims related to the MD2 variety, which satisfied the South African authorities and enabled the import permit to be approved.

As a result of these efforts, the first shipment of mangos was sent from Senegal in June 2005 and MD2 pineapples will be shipped from Ghana in early September, thereby enabling the South African firm to preserve its share in a rapidly expanding export market for fresh cut fruit mixes in Europe worth several million dollars annually. Resulting value in regional pineapple exports alone is expected to be at least USD 800,000 annually (50mt per week) and mango sales are projected to range from USD 200,000 to 365,000 per year (5-10mt per week) for exports from May to November for at least the next three years.