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Under USAID's Economic Modernization through Efficient Reforms and Governance Enhancement (EMERGE) Activity in the Philippines, CARANA is helping the National Telecommunications Commission design appropriate regulations for voice-over-Internet protocols (VoIP), a value-added service. This classification has allowed a broader set of providers to compete in the market, specifically allowing VAS providers particularly Internet-service providers to offer VoIP. CARANA assisted the commission in drafting rules on VoIP and guidelines for registering of VoIP providers.

By providing regulatory clarity, the government of the Philippines also affirmed its commitment to a more competitive and innovative telecommunications industry. For consumers, the effects were immediate: incumbent telecommunications companies began offering international direct dialing rates discounted up to 75 percent, in some cases falling to 8 to 10 cents from 40 cents a minute.

The EMERGE activity provides technical assistance to support economic policy reforms that promote sustainable economic growth and enhance the competitiveness of the Philippine economy by augmenting the efforts of Philippine pro-reform partners and stakeholders.

 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) regulations (USAID DEC website)