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CARANA is pleased to announce that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded the IRIS/CARANA Consortium a task order under the Commercial and Legal Institutional Reform Indefinite Quantity Contract (CLIR IQC). The task order for the CLIR IQC falls under USAID's Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform (SEGIR) project, which seeks to reduce poverty and promote economic growth and prosperity in developing and transition countries.

The consortium will support an economic and political reform agenda by generating broadly based advocacy for reform among progressive elements emerging from the private sector, civil society and government and reaching to the general public as to develop broader consensus for reform. The advocacy component will be fundamental for creating a new policy dialogue that will result in much greater private sector-civil society consensus, policy implementation, general public understanding that open economic policies are the best means to help Ecuador's poor.

The project's first phase will be through September 2009 and the consortium will work closely with local subcontractors or grantees as well as with number of other partner organization to achieve this goal.