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The latest birding familiarization ("fam") trip to Guyana was a huge success. Top international tour operators and media representatives lauded the "pristine" vastness of the beautiful rainforest that blankets the countryside. The participants on this fam trip echoed the sentiments of recent birders, all extolling the great potential of the birding industry in Guyana. Through the initiative of the Guyana Tourism Authority and USAID/GTIS Project implemented by CARANA Corporation, four of these highly effective marketing fam trips over the past year have brought heightened awareness of opportunities for birding tourism in Guyana. After experiencing the richness of birding in Guyana, tour operators almost immediately formulate plans to host future birding tours. This enthusiasm has already resulted in planned itineraries from nine tour operators for Guyana in 2008. Read the press release here.

This article is one of many that have been written regarding birding in Guyana. However, bird watching is not the only reason to visit. Guyana has many other natural attractions including lush rainforests, diverse fauna, and the spectacular Kaieteur Falls where the waters of the Potaro River plummet an impressive 822 ft. to the valley below. These articles are archived here.