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Under USAID’s West Africa Trade Hub activity, based in Accra, Ghana, CARANA has completed a major study on the major "roadblocks" to trade in West African transport: check points, serious bribes, and infuriating delays.

With support from with the World Bank's Sub-Saharan African Transport Program, the Trade Hub is working with individual drivers, local associations, national government, and two regional organizations – the Economic Community of West African States and the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa through the Improved Road-Transport Governance (IRTG) Initiative on Interstate Highways.

Trucking wares from Bamako, the capital of Mali, to a port in Ghana is a trek of about 2,000 kilometers. Yet, 50 forced stops along the way will cost about US$200 in bribes and delay the delivery by almost four hours. So reported drivers to IRTG agents. Drivers, with trucks in good condition (according to legal standards) and with paper work in order, were selected to help IRTG collect data.

"This kind of study is crucial in understanding real trade barriers," wrote Felix Salmon, highlighting the study and map in Conde Nast's new business publication, Portfolio.

With more quarterly reports to follow, it is expected that such quantitative results will help to eliminate such trade barriers and boost trade in the region by improving transportation.

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altFirst Results of the IRTG Initiative on Interstate Highways, PDF, 963 KB

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Published October 2008