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Southern Africa Trade Competitiveness (SATC) Project


Arlington, VA—The CARANA Corporation and its partner, Abt Associates, ECI Africa, and Global Development Solutions, were recently awarded the Southern Africa Trade Competitiveness (SATC) Project by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This six-year activity will contribute towards USAID/RCSA’s Strategic Objective SO 14: “A More Competitive Southern African Economy”. This project supports further development of USAID's Southern Africa Trade Hub.

The SATC Project will focus on several important economic corridors that link countries to both regional and international markets. It will target specific industries or sectors that have already demonstrated the potential to compete in international markets, emphasizing a cluster or value chain approach. By fostering strategic linkages among producer organizations, exporters associations, business development service providers, financial institutions, standards boards, and other actors in the supply-to-market chain, the SATC Project will leverage resources that improve the competitiveness of selected sub-sectors and clusters. Cluster needs and constraints will shape the action agenda for improving the policy and regulatory environment and for reducing transaction costs.

The objectives of SATC are to (i) identify industry sub-sectors in Southern Africa with the greatest potential for increased regional and international competitiveness and (ii) use value chain, cluster, or blended (value chain and cluster) approaches to improve the export competitiveness of firms and groups of firms in targeted sub-sectors. SATCI’s areas of sector focus will be agribusiness, ecotourism and the cotton-textile-apparel complex.

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Published 2007