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CARANA joins Palladium!

We have just joined forces with Palladium (, a company that integrates a number of legacy companies under a single brand:

  • GRM Futures Group - known for its work over the past 50 years in agriculture, health, and governance;
  • HKL - logistics
  • Palladium - strategy execution for corporate and government clients;
  • dTS - monitoring and evaluation as well as gender inclusion; and
  • CARANA - private sector-led solutions to development challenges such as agriculture, value chains, trade, workforce development, and access to finance.

Palladium and CARANA share a common vision of aligning social and commercial interests to create sustainable positive impact for a broad range of constituents. CARANA's history of harnessing commercial expertise and investment to address social issues matches Palladium's desire to bridge the gap between the private and public sectors to better serve the interests of both. Palladium's resources and reach will allow us to achieve greater scale in economic development projects and deliver even greater impact to those who need it most. Palladium is currently in over 90 countries and has more than 2,000 employees.

We look forward to being able to provide integrated, efficient solutions to complex development challenges that encompass such interconnected topics as food security, nutrition, health, trade/logistics, private sector investment, good governance, informatics and technology, impact investment, and business incubation.

CARANA remains fully committed to technical leadership and excellence in all our work. We are passionate about providing market solutions to development challenges: "Business Solutions for a Better World." As part of Palladium, we look forward to continuing our partnership with you. Please learn more about Palladium and see our press release at:


Published October 2015