For over 30 years, CARANA Corporation has pioneered economic growth approaches in more than 100 developing countries.

1984 Carlos Torres founds CARANA in Florida; first contract: USAID investment promotion in Costa Rica

1985 Export development for USAID-backed investment agency in Costa Rica

1988 Eduardo Tugendhat establishes Washington, DC office; investment and export promotion contracts in El Salvador, Honduras, and Egypt

1989 First multimillion-dollar contract: export development and investment promotion in Bolivia

1990 Agribusiness and food security in Central America

1991 Strategic marketing practice for commercial clients

1993 Demonopolization of distribution systems in Kazakhstan

1994 Enterprise restructuring and privatization support in Russia

1996 Agribusiness systems in Ukraine and Moldova

1997 Accounting reform in Central Asia; SEGIR privatization contract

1998 Capital markets and pension reform in Bulgaria

1999 Commercial consulting practice in Russia; electricity sector reform

2000 Eduardo Tugendhat becomes president and CEO; pension reform in Croatia; CARANA Moscow becomes independent firm

2001 Telecom liberalization in the Caribbean; SEGIR Global Business Trade & Investment contract

2002 Business and economics education reform in Central Asia

2003 Enterprise development in Colombia; labor market reform in Bulgaria

2004 West and Southern Africa Trade Hubs; post-hurricane recovery in Grenada

2005 Agribusiness development in West Bank and Gaza

2006 Regional development in Ecuador

2007 Competiveness in Macedonia

2008 Enterprise development in West Bank and Gaza

2009  CARANA celebrates 25 years with 17 projects in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East

2010  Policy reform in Jamaica; in June, Santiago Sedaca becomes president; Eduardo Tugendhat remains CEO and board chairman (Read the story)

2012 SME and exports development in Morocco for the Agency of Partnership for Progress (Millennium Challenge Corporation)

2013  CARANA partners with USAID and other international development and cocoa industry leaders to found the Peru Cocoa Alliance, supporting agribusiness development; trade policy in Nigeria

2014 CARANA celebrates its 30th birthday

2015 CARANA joins The Palladium Group